You have a lot of time to reflect when you are sitting on the side of the road waiting for assistance. The crazy thing is that, it wasn’t even my vehicle. Mine is still in the shop waiting on the new transmission. I rode with a friend into town, and like idiots, we ran out of gas. The strange thing is that I have never laughed so much, being stuck on the side of the road. This is also a girl that I have known for like 15 years. We lived together, back when her brother and I were “engaged”. That was when I was young, and in love, and stupid as hell. I left my Parent’s home at 17, but I still graduated high school. All these memories flood back when I am with her, another crazy thing is that when we lived together we hated each other. We fought constantly.

I’m going to see the Hematologist tomorrow instead of Thursday. Hopefully my hematocrit levels will be low enough that they wont want to do the whole thing. I really don’t want to get stuck by like three different needles tomorrow. Thank God, my Dad is taking me because I don’t know when in hell I am getting my Durango back.

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About Me

I would like to start by introducing myself. I am 33 years old. I have been with my Husband for 11 years, I have two wonderful children, and I am from, Texas. I am also a 9 year Veteran of the US Coast Guard, I have a Medical Assistant License and work as a home health Nurse. I and am pursuing a career as a Writer. As you get to know me better, you’ll learn that I have a very twisted sense of humor and I don’t take much from anyone. I am also very dyslexic, so be patient with me. I have a lot of help with that one. When I was a Yeoman in the Coast Guard, I always laughed and told them not to make fun of the dyslexic writer.

About Hemochromatosis Sucks

I am completely overwhelmed by the number of people interested in helping me with this project. Hemochromatosis is one of the most common  genetic disorders. Yet, it is treated so coyly, that most of the community doesn’t even know what it is. It is time for our story to be told; whether it be satirical, romantic, humorous, sad, deep, text book, or about a significant  other. This is our call to action, and our time to be heard

I was diagnosed with Hereditary Hemochromatosis in 2012, even though, I have known my entire life that something just wasn’t right. I first heard about HH when I was 15, when my Father was reading a magazine. He figured out that all of the symptoms sounded   exactly like what I was always complaining about.  There really is so much more to my story, but I can not wait to read yours first.

I am looking for those who want to share their stories, so be honest. This is an open   opportunity for anyone who has had any experiences with HH. You do not have to be diagnosed. If you are sharing someone else’s story, please ensure that you have their permission. As they say, one rotten copy right can destroy someone else’s’ hard work.

Due to slander and infringement laws, we will not include any personal or identifying information about Doctors or treatment  centers. Unless give their permission.  I am not pushing any sort of deadlines yet, so take your time. I may need more information later, so please provide a current email address. As the process continues, I may need signed disclosure and consent forms, current address, and phone numbers. Absolutely, no part of your story will be published without your consent. You will also have the option to be published anonymously.

Feel free to contact me by Facebook or email your story at I prefer to receive all stories by this email now, so I can keep better track of them.

I look forward to working with each and everyone of you. I have high hopes for this project.

Thank-you,  Cassandra Ray-Stanley